3-PI, Size Pier, SpunOff   - Genèse

3-PI, Size Pier, SpunOff - Genèse

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Vinyl 12" - Label: Champ Libre records

Cat: 000

A1: Shar

A2: Os Hyoïde rupture

B1: Tetramin

Info: The first long-awaited release of Champ Libre Records compiles the tracks of the label’s three pioneering artists. Since 2015, SpunOff, 3-pi, and Size Pier have been heavily shaping the eclectic character of the most daring parisian dancefloor. Their work reflects the crew’s transgressive approaches to techno. It stands for contradictory ideas, open-minded experimentation with sound, art and aesthetics. Genèse EP highlights each artist’s intriguing distinctiveness growing from the background of creative chaos . Limited edition of 300