ADT - Changes
ADT - Changes

ADT - Changes

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Vinyl 12" blue transparent

Label: R12

A1: Departure For Peace

A2: Escape From The News

B1: Immaterial Meeting

B2: Relief

Blue transparent vinyl with four fierce electro tracks characterized by powerful grooves and immersive emotive melodies. Inspired by life and its emotional changes due to sudden sad and joyous life events. Sometimes atmospheric and sometimes breath-taking, alternating between beautiful manually played detuned synths which creates a nostalgic and peaceful vibe like in the A1 and B1 and strong rave breakbeat as can be heard in the A2 track "Escape From The News". Ending with a sweet and light touch of ambient electro created by the transporting pads in the last track, "Relief" featured by energetic acid sequences and different analog drums. These sharp breaks between sweet and strong are what define the feeling of "Changes" according to ADT making the tracks great for listening and at the same time ideal for the dance floor.