Aleksi Perälä   - Simulation

Aleksi Perälä - Simulation

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Aleksi Perälä - Simulation

Format: Vinyl 12", Vinyl 12", All Media Album

Label: Clone Basement Series

Cat: CBS024LP

A1: NLL561606931

A2: NLL561606932

B1: NLL561606933

B2: NLL561606934

B3: NLL561606935

C1: NLL561606936

C2: NLL561606937

D1: NLL561606938

D2: NLL561606939

Info: The label of side A is printed, the other labels are plain white. Tracklist is showed as NLL561606931-9 on the label of side A. 'c.134-124-134' refers to the bpm of the tracks: A1, A2, B1, D1, D2 are 134 bpm B2, B3, C1, C2 are 124 bpm the tracks at 124bpm played at plus 8 are 134bpm or minus 6 vice versa

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