Biosphere - The Senja Recordings

Biosphere - The Senja Recordings

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Biosphere - The Senja Recordings

Format: 2 x Vinyl LP - sealed

Label: Biophon Records

A1: Skålbrekka

A2: Strandby

A3: Bergsbotn I

A4: Bjorvika

B1: Berg

B2: Kyle

B3: Fjølhøgget

B4: Stordjupta

C1: Bergsbotn II

C2: Bergsbotn III

C3: Lysbotn

C4: Straumen

C5: Steinfjord

D1: Gilberg

D2: Alteret

D3: Geatkejávri


Info: Released in a gatefold cover. Bandcamp download card included. A1: Field recording, November 17th 2015. Throwing ice onto a new frozen lake + Tara the dog. A2: December 9th 2016. Roland System-100. A3: Field recording, military snow shed, December 2016. A 300m long snow shed where the wind is blowing through the ventilation pipe towards the opening, sounding like a giant flute. A4: Field recording, December 30th 2016. Rain and thunder as heard from inside a storage container. B1: February 3rd 2017. Commissioned work for the Kåre Kivijärvi-exhibition, Henie Onstad, Oslo. Waldorf Blofeld. B2: Field recording, Litjedalen, July 13th 2017. Below the mountain wall recording the reflections of a vuvuzela. B3: July 6th 2017. OSCar + Yamaha FB-01. B4: July 21st 2017. OSCar + VHF distress call. C1: Field recording, military snow shed, August 9th 2017. Cambodian bamboo flute + Argeïphontes Lyre. C2: Field recording, military snow shed, August 9th 2017. Vietnamese hand drum + Argeïphontes Lyre. C3: Field recording, September 21st 2017. Finger tapping on a hydroelectric pipe. Contact microphones. C4: Field recording, September 27th 2017. Transformer station. C5: Field recording, November 22nd 2017. Wind in the wires. Restricted area. No admittance. D1: August 31st 2018. MetaSynth + ARP Odyssey. D2: Field recording, Mefjordvær, March 14th 2018. Reindeer high on the mountain + military plane. D3: Field recording, Fjellfrøstvatnet, August 1st 2018. Thunder. D4: December 13th 2018. Hydrophones + Waldorf Blofeld. In memory of Knut Fjørtoft (1960-2017). For Lea, Johanna and Tara