Chicagodeep - Trax Exhibition EP - Vinyl at The Sound Arcade

Chicagodeep - Trax Exhibition EP

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Fundamental Sound - FDS003 – Vinyl 12”

Fundamental sounds the underground label of Buenos Aires back to the game with a crucial ep from Chicagodeep, Victor Aguinaga (real name) The EP begins with BREAK FREE and will continue to offer new variations on the deep house formula with this new chicago jacking with catchless drums, majestically programmed making it essential for the dance floor. "EROSION" continues the episode with a deep house masterpiece. Here you can appreciate the author's skills with ingenious piano melodies and climatic pads, an irresistible track for lovers of the genre. "Last stand" opens the B-side with a slow, spaced mind-travel sticky squere basslines where one can plunge into the deep and hard return. "Straw Hat" ends the ep with a hypnotic track where we can well see the influence of Larry Heard, the track forces us to sink into sinister sound waves driven by catchy and dark but at the same time warm arpeggios. This ep is essential for any dj bag BANGER !!