Cromby - Twisted Future EP | Vinyl at The Sound Arcade

Cromby - Twisted Future EP

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Rekids - REKIDS175 - Vinyl, 12"

A1: IXP-42

B1: Relief

B2: Vortex

Cromby debuts on Radio Slave’s Rekids with ‘Twisted Future’ EP, showcasing his talent for tweaked out techno.

Following standout appearances on Feel My Bicep, Unknown To The Unknown, and E-MISSIONS, Irish-born DJ/producer Cromby hits Rekids with a four-track EP of crisp techno cuts. Heavily utilising the sound of hardware across the release, ‘Twisted Future EP’ sees Cromby explore the depths of these classic sound palettes over robust techno frameworks.

‘IXP-42’ brings crunching drums and wiggling synths together for over two minutes, building tension before eventually, the much-awaited bassline comes in thick and fast. ‘Follow The Bass’ brings a dose of the unusual to proceedings, with snaking FM leads modulating throughout a maze of sizzling percussion.

On the flip, Bleep meets Baltimore on ‘Relief’, with meaty acid lines, vocals and clattering drums sparring with each other across the track, while ‘Vortex’ rounds off the release, with bright shimmering stabs peppering the stomping drums and distinct squelch of the 303