D'Marc Cantu - La Frontera

D'Marc Cantu - La Frontera

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D'Marc Cantu - La Frontera

Format: Vinyl, 12”

Label: Tuskegee Music

Cat no: TKG013


A1 Beat The Move

A2 In The Forest

B1 A Narrow Connection

The always on-point and culturally significant Tuskegee Music is back with more essential music, this time from venerated American producer D’Marc Cantu.

Over the course of a distinguished career, Cantu has contributed to everything from jackbeat to acid, house to techno on labels like Creme Organisation and Les Disques De La Mort. Always serving up raw-edged, uncompromising sounds, he does so again here on another standout EP.

Opener ‘Beat The Move’ is an urgent, high tech piece of slick and supple acid house with 303 undulations, dark vocal loops and the sort of hammering drums that get the club locked right in.

The sublime ‘In The Forest’ is a tripped out bit of restless electro with skittish hits and rueful pads that gets right to your heart. Last of all is the militant, marching ‘A Narrow Connection’ which closes things out with crisp kicks and scintillating sheet metal drums that straighten your back and get you stomping.

These are utilitarian yet wonderfully unique club tracks from a real master of the form.