EinKa   - To Waken Doubt In One

EinKa - To Waken Doubt In One

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EinKa - To Waken Doubt In One

Format: 3 x Vinyl LP

Label: Goldmin Music

Cat: GMNLP005

A1: After long Silence

A2: You're Too Cold

A3: Fragments

B1: Closing Doors

B2: Stop The Dullness

B3: I Am U

C1: Slow Rebirth

C2: Egotrap

C3: Beyond Time

D1: Another Side Of The Truth

D2: Skin Connection

D3: If I Couldn't Thank You

E1: Very Limits

E2: Encore

E3: Life Study

F1: Detachment

F2: The Passenger

Info: All tracks written & produced by Romain Lanteaume in 2016 in Paris. "Stop The Dullness" feat. Stas Karpenkov "Egotrap" feat. Thomas Brinkmann "Beyond Time" contains a sample of Terrence Dixon - Halftime released on Goldmin Music