J.A. Deane   - For Leena

J.A. Deane - For Leena

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J.A. Deane - For Leena

Format: Vinyl LP

Label: Lullabies For Insomniacs

Cat: LFI 012

A1: Liquid Time

A2: Into Flight

A3: Merlin

B1: A River Beneath The River

B2: Dark Heart

C1: NB4

C2: Last Supper

C3: The Burial Tree

D1: The Narrow Chamber

D2: Mud Girl

Info: Dino J.A. Deane: composition & construction acoustic & electronic keyboards acoustic & electric trombones bass-flute & shakuhachi acoustic percussion drum machines synthesizers samplers voice Guest (sampled) performances: Bruce Ackley, alto-clarinet (NB4) Larry Breedlove, voice (Last Supper) Flavia Cervino-Wood, violin (Dark Heart) Deborah Craig, drums (Dark Heart) Beth Custer, clarinet (Dark Heart) Esmeralda, voice (Dark Heart) Bob Hoffnar, pedal steel guitar (The Burial Tree) Joseph Sabella, percussion (Last Supper, Merlin) Martin Schutz, cello (A River Beneath the River) Courtney Smith, harp (Narrow Chamber) Recorded & Mixed by Dino at JingleTown, RibShine & BluBox Studios The Burial Tree was Recorded & Mixed by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios All Recordings were Mastered at Q! Productions by Quincy Adams All Compositions composed & produced J.A. Deane Mastered for vinyl by Wouter Brandenburg The 10 pieces were featured in the following shows: 1998 Seven Gates - Santa Fe 1994 Sunken Cathedrals - San Francisco 1993 Solid Longing (City Contemporary Dance Company) - Hong Kong 1992 Interiors - Edge Festival San Francisco