Kurt Y. Gödel   - Axiomatic System

Kurt Y. Gödel - Axiomatic System

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Kurt Y. Gödel - Axiomatic System

Format: Vinyl LP

Label: YUYAY Records

Cat: YUY006

A1: Oblivious Traveller (Leaving Home)

A2: Chord Memory

A3: Accumulator

A4: 57 Square Acids

B1: Tape Rider

B2: Distortion To Nowhere

B3: Sunrise Faders

B4: Rand (45)

Info: B-side reads: "Any mental or material object is embedded in another and contains another. Is this chain finite? In which direction? Would the knowledge about an all containing object allow us to derive all truths; or rather the knowledge about a unique subset of all existent objects? The Yskay may have been able to state and prove a holistic theory based on a consistent axiomatic system by allowing its axioms to be linguistically inexpressible."