Mat Chiavaroli   - No Stranger to Madness

Mat Chiavaroli - No Stranger to Madness

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Mat Chiavaroli - No Stranger to Madness

Format: Vinyl 12"

Label: Quintessentials

Cat: Quintessentials 54

A1: Introduzione

A2: Aroma De Mi Vida

A3: Whola Vu

B1: Dunneed2 Give It Up

B2: Jeep Ridaz

C1 : Double Pain

C2: Storia Losca

D1: The Quiet Bobobo

D2: Latexxxnite Enemy

D3: Damaging Ur Mental

Info: Special thanks to anyone who supported me in doing this thing especially my loved ones, Gera, Mom, Dad, my friends, Paolo, Roger and my studio assistant Keyra. A big shout-out to my beautiful land Abruzzo. Even though i swear at you sometimes, your'e a continuing source of inspiration for my everyday madness. Additional special thanks to you for lending me an ear. Don't be afraid of dancing - free your emotions and stay real. illustration by Old Roger.