Nandu - Horisont EP - Vinyl at The Sound Arcade

Nandu- Horisont EP

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TAU - TAU018 – Vinyl 12” 

Over the last couple of years Nandu has made quite an impact, dropping several releases both with Innervisions on their Secret Weapons compilations, his massive cut ‘Child Of A Child’ levelled dance floors across the world last year, and now he’s landed on TAU with four new cuts fresh from his lab. Kicking off with ‘Horisont’, a bumpin’ cut with dense kicks and an energy-fueled main melody which bounces around the mid-range. Shimmering synths complement the riff, transporting us from our mortal bodies into another vibrational dimension. Then we have ‘Outlined’, where Nandu channels his mystical aura into a rousing cut that blends arcane sounds with warped vocals and entrancing instrumentation. This one feels like an adventure in the rustic, indoor souks of a vibrant desert land. ‘Not The First’ is next up, offering more of that Nandu magic. At its essence, this one undulates way down below, growing and slowly billowing out into a smooth, serene soundscape. The track is optimistic, emotive and nourishing, taking us by the hand and leading us into a life-affirming breakdown and an equally enriching second half, full of joy and euphoric energy. Finally ‘Telesaki’ is like a portal that transports us into a hopeful future. Gentle piano keys combine with the soothing low end as a melancholy melody triggers memories of a distant past. Towards the middle of the track a gnarly riff appears, switching up the energy of the track and ushering in a pumped up second half. When you look into the past you can see where you’re going...