Nico Lahs - Got Me Coming Back EP

Nico Lahs - Got Me Coming Back EP

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Delusions Of Grandeur – DOG82

12", Vinyl

Got Me Coming Back is an EP in the old-school sense. Four tracks which give us four different sides of Nico Lahs, kicking things off with the title track and most club-focused pick of the bunch. A punchy, percussive house groove with that touch of MPC swing Nico is known for lays the foundation for a funky bassline and incessant speech sample. Subtle string pads are introduced, adding a touch of widescreen atmospherics without taking away from the rolling vibe, creating one of those secret weapon tracks which will create just the right mood on the dance-floor. Deep Down In My Soul melds crunchy live hi-hats, echoing piano chords and dubby analogue keyboard lines into something unique and other-worldly.

Once again, the groove is kept rolling and unfussy, Nico working his magic with little touches of colour coming from his synths to compliment the minimal, stripped back arrangement.

Flipping over we have Your Sweet Loving which drops the BPM a touch for a low-slung, slinky funker of a track which will sound so sweet at the after-hours. Off beat hats, flamming claps and noodling moogy solo might not sound like an instant hit but when you introduce deep stabs and killer bassline it becomes more then the sum of its parts. Closing out this stunner of an EP we have How’s Life? That classic B2 kinda track which so often becomes your favourite on the record... Nico takes things in a jazzier direction cutting up fretless bass, fusion guitar lick, Fender Rhodes and filtering ride cymbals leaving us on a high and proving why he’s such a respected and consistent producer.