Ōgon Batto - Hedoro - Vinyl at The Sound Arcade

Ōgon Batto - Hedoro

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Vinyl LP

Label: Aguirre Records

A1: Welcome

A2: Main Theme

A3: Cup-Bearer

A4: Theme (Choir Reprise 1)

A5: Enter

A6: Re-Encounter

A7: Veil Voltage

A8: Smile

A9: Garden

A10: Balcony

A11: Intermorse

A12: Europe Evening Dress

A13: 999 Fathoms

A14: Speedboat Sphinx

A15: Reveal 1

B1: Reveal 2

B2: Theme (Silver Reprise)

B3: Green Gloss

B4: パチンコ

B5: Temple Tennis

B6: 機械

B7: Doubledecker Dragon

B8: Speared!

B9: Erotic Error

B10: Cocoon

B11: Did You Know I Am Female?

B12: Theme (Choir Reprise 2)

B13: Swimming Pool

B14: Spirit Of Ecstasy

Sealed - Edition of 300