Sign Libra   - Closer To The Equator

Sign Libra - Closer To The Equator

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Vinyl 12"

Label: Antinote

Cat: ATN039

A1: Intro / Tropical Plantarum

A2: Mantodea V.s. Furcifer Pardalis

A3: Victoria Amazonica

B1: Teleopsis Dalmanni

B2: Outro / Oophaga Pumilio

B3: Longer pause - 15sec / Petrichor

Originally released in 2016 through [l989410] in digital. Duration is not provided. Track B3 "Petrichor" is a bonus track. "Originally composed for a one-act contemporary ballet, the plot of Closer To The Equator is based on nature documentaries about the fight for survival and incredible diversity of wildlife in the tropical rainforest. Each track is a careful observation of character, form, behavior and actions of animals and plants, endowing each and every one with a certain timbre, harmony, rhythm, tempo, and a symbolic motif or a vocal part. Sit back and take a journey to the colourful world of Closer To The Equator !"