Sontag Shogun   - Patterns For Resonant Space

Sontag Shogun - Patterns For Resonant Space

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Sontag Shogun - Patterns For Resonant Space

Format: Vinyl LP

Label: Youngbloods

Cat: YBZ014

A1: no.13 (Sushi Rice, AM Frequency Gap, Pines)

A2: no.9 (Barricade Bleu)

A3: no.5 (Melt Canyon)

A4: no.19 (Patient Elegy for Bernr'd Hoffmann)

A5: no.4 (Sonar)

B1: no.2 (Music Box)

B2: no.16 (Windmill)

B3: no.17 (Chopsticks, Motor, Lecture)

B4: no.10 (£20,000)

B5: no.8 (Leaves Like Photographs)

Info: *Comes with special polybag that allows the front cover artwork to "self-animate" when removing the record from the polybag Edition of 300 copies. __ In tonality and design, "Patterns for Resonant Space" soundtracks a solitary journey through old photographs, building and deconstructing each composition in tandem with each narrative. The group’s pianist, Ian Temple, describes the recording process: “This album was an experiment in reverse engineering our normal composition process. We started with sounds and noises, and then I responded to those with piano. We didn't have any piano ideas written before recording day, so I was able to respond in a very pure way to what I heard. With every melodic idea, I aimed to create the most simple possible statement, something succinct and focused to parallel the way that each track is defined by a few very specific sounds. I think we ended up with 20+ short piano ideas recorded in my living room on my childhood upright, and then narrowed it down to the ones that told the best story.” In conjunction with Temple, Jeremy Young and Jesse Perlstein utilized a diverse mosaic of electronic equipment to assemble a textured base throughout the album. Calling on tape loops, signal generators, field recordings, an organ, and a glockenspiel, they explored new terrain at The Pines in Montreal. The duo played sounds through amps, miking each room in different spots to capture their true aural qualities. This method of recording would limit the digital editing process and reflect the uniqueness of that particular space and experience. The result of the group’s experiment is a hazed nostalgia; a collection of 10 compositions passively investigating the caverns and cul de sacs of our shared conscious. A1. Sontag Shogun - no.13 (Sushi Rice, AM Frequency Gap, Pines) A2. Sontag Shogun - no.9 (Barricade Bleu) A3. Sontag Shogun - no.5 (Melt Canyon) A4. Sontag Shogun - no.19 (Patient Elegy for Bernr'd Hoffmann) A5. Sontag Shogun - no.4 (Sonar) B1. Sontag Shogun - no.2 (Music Box) B2. Sontag Shogun - no.16 (Windmill) B3. Sontag Shogun - no.17 (Chopsticks, Motor, Lecture) B4. Sontag Shogun - no.10 (£20,000) B5. Sontag Shogun - no.8 (Leaves Like Photographs) Patterns For Resonant Space was captured by David Bryant, through amps, direct circuitry, and in a resonant room called The Pines, Montreal, 2015. Piano recorded by Ian Temple & Jesse Perlstein at home in Brooklyn, 2016. Chatter on no.8 by Sam Ackerley. Mastered by Guiseppe Ielasi. (P) & (C) 2017 Youngbloods — all rights reserved. www.weareyoungbloods.com