Swarm Intelligence - Against The Dying Light - Vinyl Records at The Sound Arcade

Swarm Intelligence - Against The Dying Light

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2 x Vinyl 12"


Cat: VOI LP01

A1: Dusk Falls

A2: It Scuttles

B1: It's Beneath Us

B2: I Am Everything You Are Running From

B3 : Catacomb

C1 : I Prey On Your Fear

C2: From Shadows

D1: Against The Dying Light

D2: Light Reigns

D3: Gloom

Info: Photograph by Nina Röder, taken from the series "A Little Deeper Than You Thought", used with permission of Nina Röder and Galerie Burster. Includes label sticker and a download code card which can be redeemed on the label's website for the digital files of this release in both WAV and MP3 format.