Westcoast Goddess - Strawberry Infiniti - Vinyl at The Sound Arcade

Westcoast Goddess - Strawberry Infiniti

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Vinyl 12" - Label: Let's Play House
Cat: LPH076

A1: Daughter Of Morality

A2: Fruity Loop

B1: Like A Benediction

B2: Stay On My Mind

A few months back, we released Westcoast Goddess' LPH debut, The Inner Snoopy, a classic house EP reincarnated as one of those giant rainbow-colored lollipops. And that really wasn't enough, so now we have a second four-tracker from the guy, a continuation of the technicolor adventure through nightclubs in the Kingdom of Caring.

Pop it on and feel the sugar rush, feel your pupils dilate, feel your heart race and swell with joy.